How many stars do you have?

Our goal is to provide accurate and truthful information in order to properly repair and manage online reputation for each of our clients at competitive and reasonable rates.

We are a reputation management and repair services company. What we do is to efficiently push down most negative online reviews, comments, and issues about you or your company through the power of effective blogging, landing pages, social media advertising, press & post releases and other marketing tools.

Reputation Management, a closer look…

Has your business received negative feedback or reviews online? This negativity can ruin your reputation and drive your customers towards your competitors at a rapid pace. Neutralizing negative feedback is a top priority for all businesses. However, most business owners don’t know where to begin. This is where we step in to use our professional skills and knowledge to help you maintain your good reputation online.

The first thing business owners want to do is try to delete the negative comment. But, that should be the last thing you do because the negative comment is actually giving you a chance to show off your excellent customer service and problems solving skills. Consumers often rely on reviews to help them decide whether they would like to try a service or product. Consumers know there will be a few negative comments, but they are more interested in how the issue was solved.

There are a few more benefits to receiving a negative comment, such as being aware of your businesses weaknesses, the chance to change an unhappy customers mind, and showcasing your commitment to customers service for all to see. It’s always best to defuse the situation, by resolving the issue and offering an incentive to try your service or products again in the future. So, instead of deleting the negative content you provide excellent customer service and let us take care of the rest.

Generally, it takes twelve positive reviews to neutralize just one negative review. So, we have developed a system that helps push online negative reviews, comments and media down the google search pages and enhance your reputation. One of the things we do is create positive content such as blogs about your business on a consistent basis to help maintain a positive status on a regular basis.

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