Millennials have gotten a bad rap for their extensive use of social media and for being considered the laziest generation yet. However, these social media crazed individuals are actually graduating college with impressive degrees and skills that can really help your business. Below are 5 reasons you should hire a millennial today!

1 – Tech-Savvy Multitaskers – Millennials have spent most of their life multitasking between watching television, texting, chatting, cellphones, tablets, laptops and more. They have superior multitasking skills that allow them to handle several issues at once. These skills are surely an asset to any company who requires one employee to handle a variety of tasks on a daily basis.

2 – Boost Your Social Media Presence – Since millennials are experts on social media, they know exactly what to say and what social media outlet to use for various purposes. With the proper corporate training, your company’s social media presence will be boosted with a millennial in the driver seat.

3 – Flexibility – Millennials are flexible with their schedules and work locations. Most will prefer to work from a home office or relocate for their job. This gives business owners a variety of options and flexibility once they hire their trusted millennial.

4 – Strong Leaders – Millennials have learned they need to take charge and lead when it comes to work. Competition in the workforce is brutal and millennials are prepared to not only accept a position, but lead others in the office by example.

5 – Long-Term Employees – Since finding a job after college has been difficult for most millennials, they are willing to stick around once hired. Many millennials find themselves moving back home with their parents after college due to harsh competition in the job market. A millennial that is happy at his current position in a company will most likely hold on to the job and become a loyal, trusted employee for many years.

In 2014, 36% of the workforce in the United States was comprised of millennials. The percentage has been increasing ever since. Make a change today and consider hiring a millennial for your business. They are excellent team players, individual workers and collaborators. Soon you will see the many benefits of having a millennial as part of your team and you will consider hiring more in the future.

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