If you want to have a successful Platform, you should consider blogging. Blogging is a task that many business owners shy away from. Some may think it’s a waste of time or they are not sure why they have to do it in the first place. Blogging is essential to your business since it is responsible for driving traffic to your website, converting traffic into leads, establishing your authority in the industry and providing long-term results.

Blogging Topics

You may wonder “What will I blog about?” Blogging is easier than you expect. Just follow a few simple guidelines and you will be writing your weekly blog in no time. First you will want to focus on topics. Always choose to write about topics that are in your industry only. This is highly important since it will also show your authority in the industry.

Create a Schedule

Consistency! Blogging once a week is really all you need. Please be consistent with that. Find time in your schedule to produce a blog post every week and keep the date. It is essential to your business to be consistent and provide important information, details, recent news, updated information in your industry, advice and anything else you would like to share about your business. If you don’t provide blogs on a weekly basis, you can miss out on a big announcement or new product related to your industry that results in losing potential leads and customers.  

Converting Traffic into Leads

Once you have your blog established and you are consistently providing a weekly post, you will find that the traffic you are attracting will convert into leads. This is how it works:

  • You create a weekly blog with interesting, informative and helpful content
  • Visitors use a search engine regarding the topic and choose to come to your website
  • Visitors find the information on your blog useful and click on the link that leads to your website to learn more about your company and its services
  • Visitors than contact you directly via your website contact information and a lead is created

By providing helpful and informative blog posts regarding your industry you are building your reputation and authority in your specific niche or industry. Soon visitors will learn that the details you provide make you a trustworthy and dependable source of information. Once that trust is built it then encourages them to use your services, therefore creating a long-term client-customer relationship. Blog once a week and watch your leads roll in.

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