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Web Development & Design

We build and design your website using a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to easily update your site, keeping it fresh and relevant.  Training included.


Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to create interesting content that will easily be found and indexed by Google.  Reach new clients with advanced SEO strategies.

Social Media & Outreach

We build and design your website using a CMS (Content Management System) which allows you to easily update your site, keeping it fresh and relevant.  Training included.

Every person and business with something to sell—whether it’s a product, service, or an idea—requires an effective way to reach their tribe.

Simply put, your tribe refers to a group of people who are connected to you or to your idea.  Smart marketers know how to get their tribe fired up and excited about their products and services.

But, how can you reach your tribe in the crowded digital world?

With your platform.  Think of your platform as the means that you use to reach your audience—how you stand above your competitors (as if you’re on a platform!) to effectively communicate with your tribe.

As a technological evangelist with decades in the IT field, I help companies achieve their sales and social media goals.

With our in-depth knowledge of tribal marketing, I can assist you in reaching potential clients in a cost-effective manner through the strategic use of technology.

In essence, I build your platform using a comprehensive approach. First, we sit down and evaluate your current marketing strategies—strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.  Then, I suggest ways that you can extend and leverage your influence, stand above the crowd, and become a leader in your field.

We offer a variety of service packages geared to your specific needs. Contact us at 305-386-6165 for further details.

Planning Your Marketing in 2018

As a new year kicks off to a good start, business owners are scrambling to plan their marketing strategy for the New Year. As a business owner you need to take care of this task immediately before any more time is wasted. Below are essential business marketing trends...
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Networking & Business Cards

Some professionals feel that business cards are outdated and a thing of the past due to technology today. But, many professionals have also found themselves in a position when they truly needed to provide an important potential client a business card and had the...
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The Importance of Branding Your Name

You worked hard to create and develop your business, now you need to make sure it is branded. Many business owners get confused about branding but it is quite simple. The first thing you want to do is create a name for your business. This name will be used throughout...
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The best ways to choose a Domain Name

  With the thousands of domain names available in the market place, there are some important things to keep in mind when searching and establishing your specific domain. Here are some simple steps: Make sure that your domain name is clearly relevant to your...
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The Power of Writing Down Your Goals

You may have a dozen or more goals you would like to achieve swirling around in your mind. Your intentions are good, but after a busy schedule and life struggle set in, people often forget their goals. Has this happened to you? Think for a moment of a goal you truly...
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Creating Goals for the Seasons

The Annual Staples National Small Business Survey revealed that out of 300 business owners more than 80% don’t keep track of their business goals. This comes to the surprise of many business owners and employees. Creating a clear vision of the direction your business...
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How to Stay Motivated to Reach Your Goals

You may have a long list of goals that you want to achieve. Your intentions are good and you are working hard to achieve them, but sometimes life can get in the way of your progress. This is understandable and it happens to many people throughout their lifetime....
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Don’t Talk About The Past, Talk About The Future

Business decisions and choices are made on a daily basis by business owners worldwide. Sometimes specific decisions might lead your business down the wrong path. You most likely didn’t think the outcome would hurt your company, but it sometimes does. Most business...
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How to Avoid Losing Sight of Your Goals

Your goals are what drive you to your next achievement in life. Today’s busy lifestyle, stressful days and a chaotic world can cause many people to lose sight of their goals. Your mind has 1500 thoughts per minute. Think about that for a moment? That’s a lot of...
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How to Set Goals

Setting goals is foreign to many people throughout the world. Sometimes circumstances, society and other issues prevent people from learning how to set goals. If you have a vision of what you want your life to be, you will need to achieve a variety of goals to reach...
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Wearing Your Badge on the Right vs. the Left Side

Which side should you wear your badge? The right side! The reason behind the location of the badge is to allow the person you greet to have easy eye contact with the badge. Unfortunately, this topic has been debated for years and continues to be discussed among...
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Keeping Your Employees Happy

No matter how successful you are, chances are there is a team that stands behind you that helped lift you to your highest goals. Often times that team are your employees. Creating a comfortable work environment can help your employees to be more productive and...
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Advantages of Writing Notes Vs Using an iPad or Laptop

Life has become convenient when it comes to taking notes. Students and guests at lectures often bring their small laptop or tablet to take notes word for word. It is true that typing is faster than handwriting notes. However, writing notes compared to typing is more...
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Rock Star Mentality

The Urban dictionary definition of Rock Star Mentality is, “One who may not be a rock star but has the mind state, and characteristics of one.” Rock stars are viewed as having a wild, fun life touring the world and singing as loud as they desire. While this may be...
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Are You Wearing Your Name Tag and Pins Correctly?

  Name tags are often thought as of a thing in the past. However, this simply isn’t true. It is actually an essential marketing and social tool that can help you network with important people in your industry. Wearing a name tag and pins in public will attract...
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Defuse a Situation with a Code Word

Conflict arises in a variety of different relationships in your life. This is a normal part of being among the human race. Sometimes people can push your buttons and cause you to lose your patience and temper. This type of situation can ruin a good relationship. Code...
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Running on the Hamster Wheel

If you have ever owned a hamster or seen one at a pet store you will remember them running on the hamster wheel. Actually, we can all learn something from these innocent little hamsters. When you think about it in business terms running on the wheel is actually...
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Creating Your Elevator Pitch

There is no better place in the world to have a captive audience than in an elevator. The person standing next to you on the elevator for the next 30 seconds could be a new client tomorrow. But, you will never know unless you make an impression on the person. How do...
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Finding Your Target Market

You have done all of the hard work creating your business and now you are ready to find your target market. This task can make most business owners become consumed with stress and anxiety. To help reduce your stress it’s essential to become familiar with target...
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How Many Departments Do You Have In Your Business?

  Businesses often begin with one platform and gradually add new ones over time. If your business has more than one department you may want to consider segmenting them, creating different entities, and partner with others to help expand your reach. This may sound...
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Blogging: The Less You Sell the More You Sell

Blogging has become essential to all businesses worldwide. Surprisingly some businesses don’t have blogs yet. Maybe some business owners don’t think they are necessary while others don’t know how to use them properly. Let’s explore using your blog to make sales. All...
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Are you a part of Several Business Groups

Choosing a marketing strategy involves deciding on outlets that will bring the most exposure. Many companies make the mistake of stretching their marketing dollars through every strategy available without much return on their investment. Marketing involves...
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Writing About Your Passion

One of the most common mistakes professionals make is lack of passion in their field. This usually is obvious when the professional has to create blogs for their business. Counselors, universities and colleges around the country encourage students to focus on their...
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Blogging Every Week

If you want to have a successful Platform, you should consider blogging. Blogging is a task that many business owners shy away from. Some may think it’s a waste of time or they are not sure why they have to do it in the first place. Blogging is essential to your...
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Five Reasons You Should Hire a Millennial Today

Millennials have gotten a bad rap for their extensive use of social media and for being considered the laziest generation yet. However, these social media crazed individuals are actually graduating college with impressive degrees and skills that can really help your...
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Being an Expert in Your Field

Whether you are just beginning your business or you are a career veteran, chances are you have a vast knowledge of your industry. You can use your knowledge to gain authority and status in your marketplace. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field can lead to...
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What’s your passion?

The heart of human excellence often begins to beat when you discover a pursuit that absorbs you, frees you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning, joy and passion. – Terry Orlick  What is your passion? I mean, really, your true passion. We are all in one...
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Meeting a Prospect

For many years, I feared meeting prospective clients, but I’ve developed some strategies along the way to make it easier for myself.  So, although you may feel nervous about networking, make an effort to approach business events with confidence and enthusiasm....
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